ZOLLHOF Talent Program: How it started and how it’s going

Judit and Max: A trip down the Talent Program memory lane

Judit: How it all began

My first job at ZOLLHOF entailed developing the ZOLLHOF Talent Program. Our core idea was to offer a novel innovation program where students would work on real-life problems defined by our corporate partners to develop (mostly) digital solutions in a human-centric way.

  • We want to show students that operating like a startup does not equal founding a company. We want them to experience and experiment with entrepreneurial techniques in a safe environment where they can approach problems differently than before. Seeing problems as opportunities for great ideas is a first step on that journey.
  • On the other hand, if they decide to found a startup, we want to give them (and their perhaps sceptical parents) solid reasons to prove that it is not only a great but a valid career step.
  • Last but not least, we want them to get access to the startup ecosystem, to build lasting relationships.

Max: The Talent Journey Now

Part 1: Customer & Problem Discovery

Max’s personal experience

My entry step into ZOLLHOF was also the Talent Program. Back in the beginning of 2018, when the program officially started, I was the first Talent. The learning curve was huge and even though initially not having any clue about the project topic, by applying the human-centric design thinking approach I really became an expert in these 3 months. There I saw and experienced first hand the value in putting the human in the center when it comes to identifying problems and developing ideas.

Facts & Figures Deep Dive

The numbers really speak for themselves. Have a look:

Fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem like there is no tomorrow

The amazing 125 students who joined the program and trusted us with their openness and willingness to (un)learn, exceed even our most ambitious goals that we had back in 2017.



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