ZOLLHOF Talent Program: How it started and how it’s going

Judit and Max: A trip down the Talent Program memory lane

Judit: How it all began

  • We want to show students that operating like a startup does not equal founding a company. We want them to experience and experiment with entrepreneurial techniques in a safe environment where they can approach problems differently than before. Seeing problems as opportunities for great ideas is a first step on that journey.
  • On the other hand, if they decide to found a startup, we want to give them (and their perhaps sceptical parents) solid reasons to prove that it is not only a great but a valid career step.
  • Last but not least, we want them to get access to the startup ecosystem, to build lasting relationships.

Max: The Talent Journey Now

Max’s personal experience

Facts & Figures Deep Dive

Fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem like there is no tomorrow




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ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator

ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator

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