With ingenuity against the virus

by Julia Neumann

Necessity is the mother of invention — Never in our lives before did we understand that saying better than during the uncertainty we have to experience right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic threatening the whole world. The fully new and therefore completely uncharted virus keeps the world in suspense, not knowing if and when the illness can be cured or prevented. Until that medical breakthrough, every individual needs to do it’s best to save the people around them. Staying at home is the number one rule everybody should follow right now. But there has to be more than that to save humankind! How about fighting the virus with a clever mind? Our ZOHO startups are setting an example.

Sharing is (medical) caring!

With the currently incurable coronavirus around the corner, medical facilities and laboratories work around the clock to find a promising treatment to fight the pandemic. To speed up the process, health-startup Climedo offers free access to its Clinical Data Capture Platform for COVID-19 for institutions. Individuals who are currently under quarantine can easily submit their symptoms, side effects and general wellbeing in Climedo’s digital eDiaries and electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePROs) remotely via mobile devices or computers. The Climedo team aims to aid doctors and researchers to find effective ways to stop the spreading of the coronavirus. Check the Climedo Blog to gain more insights about their work during these corona-times in the full article!

Artificial intelligence can save your (working) life!

Imagine working for a medical facility at the moment. I bet that their phones are blowing up right now. Never stop rining due to the high amount of worried people, wanting to get tested for COVID-19. Thank god, clever minds invented AI-based voice assistants, to support the medical sector during these hard times.

To relief medical facilities during the pandemic, VITAS’ voice assistant is now able to process inquiries from patients concerning frequently asked questions, pre-qualifications for testing, scheduling appointments as well as calling patients who got tested positive. The big plus? No waiting time for callers! While VITAS is busy managing repetitive questions, the clinical staff is free to attend to more complicated or urgent cases via telephone. That sounds too good to be true? Let VITAS convince yourself in his demo video or find out how VITAS feels during the pandemic.

But not only the medical field has to deal with a huge amount of frequently asked questions concerning the coronavirus. Businesses from different industries have to keep their clients updated on how to access their services and products during the pandemic. BOTFriends came up with a brand-new chatbot, that will answer customers’ COVID-19 questions 24/7, even outside of a business’s opening hours. How does it work? The chatbot consists of a repertoire of ready-made questions and answers which can be expanded at will and implemented into any website. (Do you want to try it out yourself? Don’t hesitate and check the BOTFriends’ website!). While the chatbot is busy talking to clients, employees can focus on their actual work without letting their customers down. That’s what I call a win-win situation!

Clean hands, safe hands.

Throughout the day, our hands touch multiple surfaces and objects — the breeding ground for germs of any kind. In times like this, we can all agree that washing our hands is more important than ever. By practicing good hand hygiene, we can not only slow down the spread of the coronavirus but also keep others safe. Especially doctors, nurses and other medical staff are particularly endangered to catch the virus when taking care of the ones already suffering from COVID-19.

But how can hospitals and medical clinics make sure everybody keeps there hands safe and clean at all times? In handy comes the monitoring tool NosoEx by GWA Hygiene. With the help of little sensors attached to disinfectant dispensers, the device measures the quality and quantity of disinfection processes. By analyzing the disinfection habits conducted by the medical staff, the tool will not only give a brief insight into the most and less used dispenders but give advice on how to perfect and improve the preventive measures permanently. Pursuing efficient yet sufficient hand hygiene should always be a priority but especially in times where disinfectants are a rare good, its more important than ever.

Don’t forget your local heroes!

While being quarantined at home many of us are forced to stay away from their favorite restaurant, café or shop. What seems quite hard for us regular customers, has to be even harder for all the business owners who make a living out of their loyal customers. Now is the chance to support your everyday heroes by buying gift cards and vouchers! The wirdenkenlokal team created its new platform stadtentdecker.de where you can find various regional shops to spend your money on. Helping others by feeding your shopaholic minds? A dream come true! What are you waiting for, get your credit cards out because your local coffee, pizza, flower and whatever-you-like dealer needs your support more than ever!

We’re all in this together!

Once again, we see that hard times like this ask for cooperation instead of separation! Only if the sciences, society, economy and every one of us stand together as a team, we can eventually conquer the pandemic and get back to our normal. So please: stay creative — and safe of course!

Julia works in Marketing Communication at ZOLLHOF and is studying Digital Business at TH Nuremberg. Being a creative mind she loves to write and is passionate about photography.



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