Talent Learning Journey Step №2: Teambuilding & Personal Goals

By Johanna Weigl

One step at a time — ready to take the next one at the Talent Learning Journey with us? Besides boosting practical skills in taking on ownership of an own innovation project, another crucial building block of the ZOLLHOF Talent Program is the entrepreneurial development of each participant. After building a solid foundation of the Design Thinking Methodology to develop outstanding project solutions in the first part of our Talent Journey Series (check out our blog article for juicy details), the second workshop sets the spotlight on the tech savvy minds behind each innovation project: the talents!

As a Tech Incubator, we believe in the power of innovative ideas to shape our common future. Thus, we believe it’s part of our purpose to enable young talents with knowledge, coaching and inspiration to guide their way to becoming successful entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs!

Workshop №2: Teambuilding & Personal Goals

Even though we are aware of the importance, we rarely take the time to entirely focus on our inner self. Hence, this workshop is designed to pull the cable of our day-to-day treadmill and to give our busy life a break, providing space and time to reflect.

  1. Who is an entrepreneur and what exactly is entrepreneurship?

Have you ever thought about what entrepreneurship means to you? Can we speak of a person as an entrepreneur only in a founding context? The first part of the session is dedicated to answer these questions and to explore the origins of entrepreneurship.

Deriving from the French word “Entreprendre”, the term entrepreneurship first appeared in a dictionary in 1723 and means “to pursue opportunities”. Even though this meaning is almost 300 years old, the spotlight on seizing individual chances has never been more prominent than in our society.

“Entrepreneurship is based on purposeful and systematic innovation.” — Joseph A. Schumpeter

Hence, entrepreneurship is a vast field of creating new solutions based on a purpose. So, let’s take a deep dive in our inner self to successfully discover the treasury box of innovation: our individual purpose!

2. Who am I? What is my purpose?

The second part of the workshop is designed to pick up on your base of motivation by introducing 5 steps to pilot your purpose! This method will encourage you to ask yourself THE questions you should have asked yourself in your life to leave no source of motivation undiscovered, pinky swear!

  • Step 1: Let’s discover your interests, not only based on your own assessment but also on further perspectives.
  • Step 2: Asking yourself key questions will reveal your individual skills.
  • Step 3: Your passion arises from combining prior developed interests and skills.
  • Step 4: Inquire about local or global problems as well as talking to people you would like to target defines your personal impact.
  • Step 5: Lastly, the combination of your passion with an opportunity to create an impact will represent your purpose.
Pilot your Purpose — Source: Teaching Entrepreneurship

Once you have reached the sweet spot of your driving force, your purpose, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and think about actual goals for the time in the Talent Program! Together, we will support you on your journey to get closer to your purpose to create true impact!

Are you an impact maker? Discover your opportunities as a part of the Talent Program!

Johanna is currently working in the area of Content and Performance Marketing at ZOLLHOF as well as finishing her Master’s degree in International Business Studies at FAU. Being a culture enthusiast majoring in Marketing and Innovation Management, she has been collecting practical experience in different countries around the globe.



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