Talent Learning Journey Step №1: Customer & Problem Discovery

By Johanna Weigl

The ZOLLHOF Talent Program is all about you taking the lead for your own corporate innovation challenge. In order to enable you to innovate like a startup and develop an outstanding solution for a real-life problem (in only 3 months!), we invite you to explore the rich toolbox of Design Thinking Methods! Hence, your coach as well as innovation workshops support you to live up your full potential.

Ready to take a closer look at the Talent Learning Journey? With our new blog series you’ll have the opportunity to “Join the Journey” and discover workshops at each stage. Let’s hop right into the deep knowledge pond of the first step!

Workshop №1: Customer & Problem Discovery

This workshop will set the soil for each fruitful innovation project. Having time to get to know the ZOLLHOF team, other Talents and your project in the first week of the program, the workshop will be the starting point to roll up your sleeves and learn useful skills to master your project!

Follow us on the Talent Journey Map!

5 Steps of the Design Thinking Process = Your Learning Journey!

Oh yes, you might have already seen it, the learning journey of the ZOLLHOF Talent Program is structured according to the five steps of the Design Thinking Process. The approach offers not only different methods and tools at each step but also a high level of agility and iteration. Exactly what we need for an out-of-the-box solution that is focussed on actual customer needs!

In the first workshop your coach Max will give you an introduction to the process and bring puzzle pieces together to form a full picture. Plus: the “toothbrush challenge” is already waiting for you!

Step №1: Empathize

To put it in Max’s words: ‘In the Empathize stage, it’s your goal to gain an empathic understanding of the people you’re designing for and the problem you are trying to solve. This involves empathizing with, engaging and observing the people.’

But you’ll never walk alone, so we’ll address the following burning questions together:

  • How to be an empathic observer by applying 8 rules?
  • How to develop insights in your customer’s needs?
  • What is meant by the term “Job to be done”? How does it help you to identify customer needs? Which problems do customers face while doing a job? How can you improve jobs to be done?
  • How to cluster these insights to develop a solution? Which method is worth trying? (Value Proposition Canvas is calling ;)) And why do personas not always matter?
Remote Customer & Problem Discovery Workshop

Moreover, this workshop wouldn’t be a ZOLLHOF learning experience if you hadn’t the chance to apply your knowledge right away. In a Case study you’ll make your first experiences as an interviewer as well as interviewee and apply a 3 step approach how to analyze data.

To put it in a nutshell: ‘It is a capital mistake to theorize before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgment.’

– Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Scarlet (1887)

Congratulations, with the first workshop you’ll successfully set the base for innovating like a startup. The next Workshop will set the spotlight on you — it’s all about discover your skills, interests, passions and goals! So, stay tuned and follow the Talent Program journey!

Are you the next ZOLLHOF Talent? Apply now!

Johanna is currently working in the area of Content and Performance Marketing at ZOLLHOF as well as finishing her Masters in International Business at FAU. Being a culture enthusiast majoring in Marketing, she has been collecting practical experience in different countries around the globe.




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