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by Anne Christin Braun

One thing that I cherish about my fellow ZOLLHOF team members is that they all bring different, fresh and interesting perspectives and topics to the table, the coffee machine — or these days especially to any Zoom meeting or Slack chat. It’s great to get lots of diverse input from smart people and to be able to learn from each other every single day.

Since we believe that more than ever sharing is caring, it’s time to proudly present you some of the ZOHO teams’ favorite knowledge resources about e.g. entrepreneurship, new work, technology, digital health or design. No matter if you are an avid podcast fan, prefer an inspiring TED talk or simply a good read — rest assured that we got you covered.


  • Y Combinator might be the mother of all startup accelerators and has gathered loads of valuable insights for founders since 2005. Their famous lecture series “How to Start a Startup” is available on Spotify where you get to listen to learnings from masterminds like Sam Altman or Ben Horowitz. You are more of a reader? Have a look at their library!
  • ”Starting A Revolution” by Naomi Ryland and Lisa Jaspers explores what female entrepreneurs can teach us about the future of business. It showcases revolutionaries like Dame Stephanie Shirley who built one of the world’s biggest software companies — back in the 1960s and with only female programmers who worked from home.
  • “The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It” by Michael E. Gerber is a true classic and a go-to book for everyone who wants to start his or her own successful business.
  • In his German podcast Expedition Life Alex Bader interviews positive entrepreneurial minds about their history, their values and what motivates them on their journey.

Behavior & New Work

  • We all know meetings that kill us but hopefully also the ones that motivate us to work even harder towards a goal. In his podcast “Meeting Strategist” Marcel van de Hoef interviews investment, business & art professionals to unravel strategies and mindsets that make meetings productive and meaningful.
  • Esther Perel is a psychotherapist/ author who specializes in relationships — on a personal and business level. Her latest endeavor is her podcast “How’s work?” in which she takes us on one-time therapy sessions of co-founders or colleagues that reveal that our relational habits deeply influence our workplace dynamics.
  • Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, author and philosopher whose podcast “Making Sense” is crazy successful with approximately one million listeners per episode. But what draws the crowds towards him? It seems Harris is always seeking the truth when discussing key questions about society, faith or ethics. Find out more here.
  • Clayton Christensen was an American academic known for his book “The Innovator’s Dilemma”. His paper “How will you measure your life?” gives some fundamental insights about how learning and the meaningful application of knowledge according to your personal purpose have a positive effect on your life.

Digital Health


  • If you are interested in all things AI, Automation and Analytics, you have to follow Pascal Bornet, a true thought leader and McKinsey Executive. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Speaking of AI, techno-socialist Zeynep Tufekci’s TED Talk “We are building a dystopia just to make people click on ads” wants you to understand how powerful corporate players like Facebook, Google and Amazon might make use of AI to heavily influence us.
  • In case you are an engineering lover and want to be part of a community of whopping 1 Mio + peers discussing cutting-edge technologies, “Interesting Engineering” is for you!

Design & Creativity

Newsletters & Productivity

  • “Venture Daily” brings you the latest chatter about German startup trends, deals and news from more than 300 industry relevant outlets. It comes to you at 8 a.m. CET each morning — right in time to keep you company during your first coffee of the day.
  • “what happened last week” is a weekly email magazine that bundles global news for people who’d like to read “The New York Times” but don’t and who want their news served in a language they speak themselves. The newsletter is hand-picked by political scientist Sham Jaff.
  • “Reframe It!” is a (German) book, that gives its readers 42 (the answer to everything anyway, right?) tools and a model that helps to master complexity and without too much simplification: reframing. The best thing about reframing is that it can easily be used in all kinds of situations and environments.
  • You love books, but don’t get to read as many as you’d like? The “What You Will Learn” podcast takes you through the best bits and pieces of countless books on e.g. science, business or career.

If you’ve checked out one of our fav knowledge resources, we’d love to hear your thoughts on them! Share your feedback with me via acb@zollhof.de or find me on LinkedIn.

Anne is ZOLLHOF’s Digital Health Hub Lead & Senior Marketing Manager. She has many years of experience in tech communications and PR. When she’s not at ZOLLHOF, Anne is working on her Master’s degree in Health Sciences and supports an NGO as their Social Media Manager.




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