Our 12 brand-new ZOLLHOF startups you don’t want to miss out on!

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4 min readJul 1, 2021


by Julia Neumann

At ZOLLHOF, we believe in working together collaboratively to accelerate human-centered business models with real value. Our startup incubation program offers space for people with a positive entrepreneurial mindset to create the new together with us. After reviewing more than 80 applications with various solutions, products, and services in the most diverse fields and branches, we are super excited to welcome our 12 brand-new Batch #5 startups to the ZOHO Family! Another great fact about the new batch: Almost 44% of them are founded by great female entrepreneurs and 50% of all startups have women on board of their team. Innovation needs diversity, and we think that with this batch we definitely made another great step in the right direction.

Are you ready to meet the teams and their ingenious ideas? Here we go!

Welcome to the ZOHO Family dear startups!

Menopause and all associated side effects can be challenging for women and menopausal people between 40 and 59. Especially the hot flashes tend to cause unease and discomfort for everyone affected. But not any longer! Andelie’s vision is to empower all affected menopausal people to achieve their individual comfort temperature through cooling ear clips and to be able to create it anywhere with their simple solution.

Thanks to e-prescriptions, an in-person pharmacy visit is no longer obligatory to pick up your meds. Together with Aponia, pharmacies can use their end-to-end service for a sustainable same-day bike delivery of all needed medication directly to the end customer. 16 pharmacies are already using the service, and we bet there will be many more to come!

Did you know that most manufacturing companies struggle with undetected halts on production and disturbances that can cause thousands of euros of damage? Thanks to the IoT, datavi offers process visualization and optimization of industry-independent production systems without using central server systems and thus creates advantages of price, complexity, security, availability, and cost.

…is staying with us for a next incubation phase to bring their pivoted idea to the next level. In the upcoming months, the team is ready to grow as a company and to validate its concept of low-cost and flexible driverless transport for long goods in intralogistics on the market.

Even though craft businesses experience an increase in the demand for their services, many are struggling to find talents for their teams. To relieve craft businesses, mehrmacher offers a career platform specifically for qualified specialists and motivated young craft talent in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg.

After completing the pre-incubation phase, meinegemeinde.digital moves on to participate in our incubation program. In the upcoming months, the team will continue to give congregations of every religion the possibility to provide each member care and community during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.

When it comes to common credit cards, not everything works as seamless and easy as it should. According to monet, the criticism is unquestionable. Due to complex charges, tricks in the fine print, and the lack of transparency about interest can lead to poor financial health and quickly end in spiraling debt. To conquer these hurdles, monet is creating a credit card that applies to their belief in transparency and full user control!

If you ever had to shop for someone with a food allergies, you know how challenging the trip to the supermarket can be. The Nowora app enables parents of children with food allergies to do their grocery shopping as they used to before the diagnose. Thanks to smart functions, allergen-free shopping is possible again for both planned and spontaneous shopping trips!

Optiwiser A.I. Solutions:
…enables businesses to boost their supply chain performance through the power of Artificial Intelligence by optimizing data more wisely. Thanks to their solution, even companies without deep knowledge of supply chain management can now optimize their demand-, inventory-, production- and transportation planning with one tool.

In the production sector, many employees feel a lack of connection and appreciation at work. The PlanCo.app enables manufacturing companies to empower their disconnected production workforce with community-driven benefits. Thanks to their app, employees can now also connect with colleagues to ask for support.

If we want to meet climate neutrality by 2050, change is required now! It’s about time to build a new economy based on renewable energies instead of fossil fuels. How? SYPOX is making the first step by electrifying traditional thermochemical processes and thereby realize energy transition and climate protection.

Knowledge within companies usually isn’t stored digitally but within the minds of its employees. Consequently, the relevant information might get lost when people leave, which leads to challenges for new hires that need to gain information about processes quickly. Zesavi helps European SMBs to share their expert knowledge, scale their operations and grow their business through self-generated video content with an easy-to-use web application.

Welcome onboard — We can’t wait to see where your incubation process will lead you!

Julia works in Marketing Communication at ZOLLHOF and is studying Digital Business at TH Nuremberg. Being a creative mind she loves to write and is passionate about photography.