Insights of a ZOLLHOF Talent: This was OMR 2019!

By Bastian Bretting

After waiting one year for the OMR festival to come back to Hamburg, I was more than hyped to finally join it! Usually, I would have visited the conference with colleagues of my agency „grauzone“ but this time it turned out different. As current members of the Talent Program, ZOLLHOF made it possible for us to explore THE conference for online marketing! Hence, Rita, Head of Marketing at ZOLLHOF, my three Talent buddies Moritz, Amir, Julius and me ventured an unforgettable journey to boost our marketing knowledge at OMR19!

The ZOLLHOF Crew at OMR19!

With more than 400 exhibitors, 1000 influencers, 150 CMOs and top keynote speakers — OMR is Europe’s leading conference for digital marketing! Being a marketing enthusiast, I was super excited to have the opportunity to join the two day festival. Let the trip begin! We took a car and had a fun road trip of about 600 kms straight through good old Germany to arrived Monday night in Hamburg.

Our motivation to get the most of the event, kicked us out of bed early. And guess what? From the first second on, we were indulged by the vivid atmosphere of a vibrating international conference! Since it was the first time for all of us at OMR, we were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event — and all the different areas had their own special note. My personal highlights were the conference stage, the expo special and the masterclass stages!

Another stage — another experience!

First of all, OMR offered more than 150 so-called masterclasses — a 90 minutes deep dive on the most trending marketing topics!

I joined a presentation about digital transformation. The chance to have a real conversation afterwards with both keynote speakers left a lasting impression on me!

For me and my agency I received 3 hot tips for the future:

  • Ask my customers more about expectations instead of telling about outcomes!
  • Social media managers have a great deal of personality: Appreciate and acknowledge existing practices!
  • Be tenacious! And be there IN THE FLESH!

The fact that all my burning questions got answered really helped me to understand the introduced process!

Moreover, at the Expo Stage, it was all about practical insights from real digital marketing experts! The huge willingness to interact with companies as well as their stunning exhibition stands truly impressed me.

One of my highlights was the idea of Twitter! They had a tiny donut shop in the middle of the hall where they shared the story of Billy’s Donut Store. A friendly american guy who once tweeted a picture of his dad, standing inside their store, being sad about the fact that no customer was coming in. 24h after he tweeted this picture the store was completely sold out and Billy got more than 340k retweets. With this story, Twitter wanted to demonstrate how much impact a single picture within the Twitter community can have. A fairytale? Sounds so, but Billy was there as well and we had a nice talk. I really enjoyed!

Last but not least, I had the chance to visit the conference stage on Day 2 and believe me, I haven’t left it the whole day. So many inspiring people and so many personal insights! Whether it was Matt Lieber talking about founding Gimlet, selling it to Spotify and shaping the podcast industry or Bozoma Saint John being a boss as single mom and one of the greatest CMOs worldwide.

Most added value for me was provided by Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI). His keynote talk was about Six Steps to Creating a Content Brand. Here I have the two most inspiring facts:

  1. The Base of Content Marketing is a short summation consisting of content type, the main platform, consistent delivery and a long period of time.
  2. Moreover, you need a content mission statement. This statement includes the core target audience, what you will deliver and the outcome for the audience. Short example: “Welcome to Digital Photography School — a website with simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras” — short and valuable!

I really enjoyed his speech but I have to say, all talks were inspiring and unique in terms of knowledge sharing!

Conference Stage

But the person who impressed me the most was Philipp Westermeyer (Founder of OMR) — not only because he was on a serious bro-level with every person while hosting and moderating the whole conference, but also because with OMR he has created something really amazing! This exhibition, which is called Festival for a reason, grew so fast and provides so much fun and added value.

I left OMR highly motivated and willing to create new approaches, improve current processes and experiment in new fields. Not sure if it will be a podcast, business, an exhibition or festival or something completely different but I’m looking forward to the future. OMR — thanks for inspiring me and for sure, see you in 2020!

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Basti is currently a participant of the ZOLLHOF Talent Programm. Besides that he studies Economics at the FAU in Nuremberg. One year ago he co-founded an event and online marketing agency called grauzone where he’s operating as Project Manager right now.