Better Together — This was HACK|BAY 2022


Up until the start of the first day of our favorite event of the year, we might have been a tad bit nervous. Will the spirit of a live event still be the same like it used to be after 2 long years? Will people still enjoy meeting and working with each other face to face? When the sunny morning of day 1 of HACK|BAY arrived, our hearts still did beat fast but because we knew there was absolutely no reason to worry, on the contrary. HACK|BAY immediately was a vibe. We welcomed almost 180 guests, including 17 great hacking teams who worked on 3 unique challenges provided by our partners GfK, Siemens and adidas. This year they were all about data analytics, robotics and web3. It was great to see and hear all these promising ideas already floating around during the team ideation sessions and we immediately knew: there will be some incredible results for sure.


In the last hours before the semi-finals, our hackers used the time to finalize and tweak their pitches until the very last minute. You could literally feel the excitement because out of the 17 teams, only 4 teams were able to advance to the grand finale — the first-placed teams of every challenge as well as one lucky second-placed team, drawn by lot. These four finalists were then given the opportunity to pitch their ideas to our jury and the audience. Before the big announcement of the winners was made, we had the opportunity to listen to our two awesome speakers for this year’s HACK|BAY. Sheila Beladinejad shared her valuable insights on why “Diversity in AI fuels innovation” and Marlene Ronstedt gave us an “Onboarding Web2 to Web3”. But there was also a very special surprise to be revealed because we designed 100 exclusive ZOLLHOF NFTs for HACK|BAY participants that were raffled to their new respective owners.



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