By Anne Christin Braun

Being one of our all-time favorite events at ZOLLHOF, we are happy to being able to already look back at our 5th annual HackBay this year.

During these past years we welcomed more than 1100 visitors from 20 nationalities. Our ingenious hacker teams built more than…

An interview about following your passion and dealing with challenges along the way with Alex Kusch, co-MD at Traplinked.

By Julia Neumann

As one of Germany’s fastest-growing Tech Incubators, ZOLLHOF is the nurturing ground for startups — in the region around Nuremberg and beyond. In our headquarters, visionary minds bring their innovative ideas to life, creating the new each and every day. …

Talent Learning Journey Step №2: Teambuilding & Personal Goals

By Johanna Weigl

One step at a time — ready to take the next one at the Talent Learning Journey with us? Besides boosting practical skills in taking on ownership of an own innovation project, another crucial building block of the…

ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator

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